Golden Hours

Golden Hours

Golden Hours was an American story paper intended for young readers, which was published from 1890 to 1905. Image:golden-hours-sample-cover

Publisher Information

The magazine was published by Norman L. Munro and was part of the Munro's Publishing House located in New York. The first issue of Golden Hours was published in 1890.

Editorial Focus

Golden Hours provided serialized tales, short stories, and other entertaining content targeted at youth. Its primary goal was to entertain with thrilling narrative arcs and compelling characters, often involving adventure and detective themes.

Content Structure

Golden Hours primarily provided serialized novels, usually featuring young protagonists on quests, crime-solving, and adventurous missions. It also included short stories and featured works from various writers of the time. The magazine's content was largely textual, often accompanied by simple illustrations to enhance the narrative.

Influence and Legacy

Throughout its run, Golden Hours was known for its exciting adventure and detective stories that appealed to young readers. The magazine contributed to the genre of story papers and penny dreadfuls, becoming an essential part of American juvenile literature during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The publication of Golden Hours was discontinued in 1905.

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