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Gotham Magazine is an American lifestyle publication centered around New York City. It is owned by Modern Luxury Media, a prominent luxury lifestyle media company in the United States that specializes in publishing city-specific magazines. The magazine focuses on the city's vibrant culture, showcasing everything from fashion, beauty, and wellness to shopping, dining, nightlife, and real estate.

History and Ownership

Gotham Magazine was launched in 2001 as part of the GreenGale Publishing LLC (formerly known as Niche Media Holdings), which was later acquired by Modern Luxury Media in 2017. The company's portfolio includes several other city-focused lifestyle publications such as Boston Common, Capitol File, and LA Confidential. The magazine's editorial approach blends local interest stories with coverage of national and international trends, reflecting New York City's status as a global hub.


The magazine provides in-depth features about notable personalities, entrepreneurs, artists, and philanthropists who shape the city's cultural landscape. Aside from its people-centric content, Gotham Magazine is known for its spotlight on high-end lifestyle, including luxury real estate, fine dining, fashion, and entertainment.

Frequency and Distribution

Gotham Magazine is published eight times a year, with spring, summer, fall, winter, and special editions, including the influential "Men's Issue" and "Women of Influence" editions. It is distributed to targeted locations in Manhattan, including luxury towers, private clubs, five-star hotels, private jet terminals, and cultural institutions.

Digital Presence

In addition to its print version, Gotham Magazine maintains a robust online presence through its website. This platform allows the magazine to reach an even broader audience and provide up-to-the-minute coverage and behind-the-scenes content of special events, exclusive parties, and glamorous galas in the city.

Notable Features

Gotham Magazine does not just focus on personalities and events but also embraces philanthropy. Its annual "Altruist of the Year" honors individuals who have made significant contributions to society and made a positive impact.


Over the years, Gotham Magazine has become a powerful influence in New York City's media landscape, playing a significant role in shaping public opinion about the city's lifestyle and culture. It remains a credible source of information and a definitive guide for residents and visitors interested in the city's luxurious side.{{Categories}}

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