Gourmet Magazine

Gourmet Magazine was an American food and lifestyle publication that was renowned for its use of lavish food photography, perceptive writings, and a sophisticated tone. The magazine focused on food and drink, recipes, travel, restaurants, and entertaining.Image:gourmet-magazine-sample-cover

History and Ownership

Gourmet Magazine was first published in January 1941 by Condé Nast Publications, a subsidiary of Advance Publications which is a leading media company operating in the print, digital, TV, and technology industries. The magazine was marketed as a publication "for bon vivants," and it quickly gained popularity for its elegant presentation and editorial content. Sadly, after a 68-year run, Gourmet Magazine ceased publication in November 2009 owing to economic circumstances.


Gourmet Magazine was celebrated for its rich and engrossing features, from historical culinary journeys to reviews of the newest restaurants. It catered to those interested in cooking, dining, and the culture of food. Its exemplary recipes, known for their precision and ease of understanding, were a mainstay in its content.

Frequency and Distribution

Gourmet Magazine was published monthly before it was discontinued. It had a strong nationwide distribution, reaching millions of homes and businesses. It was available on newsstands and through subscriptions.

Digital Presence

Even after its print edition ceased publication, Gourmet said goodbye to its print tradition but continued its legacy in the digital space. Gourmet.com, the magazine's online counterpart, continued to supply readers with carefully curated content centered around food and lifestyle. However, the site was eventually rerouted to Epicurious, another Condé Nast food and recipe website.

Contributions to Food Journalism

Gourmet Magazine presented an elevated perspective of the culinary world and profoundly contributed to the shape of modern food journalism. It brought attention to the sociopolitical issues surrounding food, embedded narrative journalism into its edibles features, and portrayed the beauty of culinary artistry through meticulously staged food photography.

Notable Personalities

Under Ruth Reichl's editorship from 1999 to 2009, Gourmet Magazine experienced a significant transformation. The accomplished food writer and critic exerted notable influence on the magazine, adding depth with features on the intersection of food and social issues.{{Categories}}

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