GQ (Franchise)

GQ (formerly Gentlemen's Quarterly) is an international men's magazine franchise owned by Condé Nast. Founded in the United States in 1931, GQ has expanded over the decades into a multinational media brand across print, digital, social media, video, podcasts, products, licensing, and live events.


GQ originated as Apparel Arts, a men's fashion magazine spin-off of Vogue, founded in the US in 1931. It was renamed Gentlemen's Quarterly later that year, shifting focus beyond fashion to men's lifestyle topics.

In 1958, Gentlemen’s Quarterly was rebranded as GQ after being purchased by Esquire Inc. Under their ownership, GQ gradually evolved into a leading international men's magazine covering fashion, style, grooming, sports, entertainment, culture, drinks, travel, and more.

The franchise expanded with regional editions for various international markets:

In addition to the regional print magazines, GQ expanded its digital presence in 1996 with and web content hubs for different markets.

Today, GQ publishes 12 regional print editions and over 20 websites globally. The brand reaches over 9 million readers worldwide across print, online, social media, videos, podcasts, products, and live events.


While tailoring content for local audiences, all GQ editions share a focus on men's fashion, style, grooming, entertainment, celebrities, sports, fitness, food & drink, travel, gear, and culture & lifestyle.

Flagship franchises include the annual Men of the Year awards, highlighting entertainment/sports figures, and the Most Stylish Man award. GQ also produces various country-specific awards shows and events.


Condé Nast has owned GQ since 1959. Anna Wintour, Artistic Director for Condé Nast, provides oversight for the brand.

Jim Nelson has served as Editor-in-Chief of American GQ since 2003. Each regional edition has its own Editor-in-Chief who spearheads local editorial direction.

GQ's international growth into a multi-platform global lifestyle brand for affluent men has made it one of the most recognizable and influential men’s media franchises worldwide.

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