GreenSource Magazine


GreenSource magazine was a trade publication that targeted architects, builders, and designers who were interested in eco-friendly solutions for commercial and residential buildings. The magazine provided readers with information on sustainable design and construction practices.


GreenSource magazine was first published in 2006 as a supplement to Building Design + Construction magazine, which was owned by McGraw-Hill Construction. In 2007, it became a standalone publication.

The magazine came into existence at a time when the construction industry was increasingly concerned with sustainable design practices. As environmental issues gained more prominence, builders and architects were looking for ways to design buildings that were more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.


GreenSource magazine provided readers with in-depth articles on sustainable design and construction practices, such as energy efficiency, indoor air quality, sustainable materials, and water conservation in building projects. The magazine also featured case studies of green building projects, showcasing various sustainable design and construction practices.

GreenSource magazine provided readers with expert analyses of green building products and technologies. The magazine also had regular sections on industry news, policy updates, and events related to sustainable design.

Awards and Recognition

GreenSource magazine was highly regarded within the construction industry and won numerous awards for its content. In 2008 and 2009, the magazine won the "Best Shelter Magazine" award at the Folio: Eddie & Ozzie Awards.


In 2012, GreenSource magazine ceased publication. McGraw-Hill Construction stated that the magazine had fulfilled its mission of providing essential education and resources for sustainable building practices. Despite its closure, GreenSource magazine continued to be regarded as a highly influential publication within the construction industry, and its legacy remains today.{{Categories}}

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