Growing Without Schooling

Growing Without Schooling (GWS) was a magazine founded in 1977 by American educator and author, John Holt. The magazine focuses on unschooling, a type of homeschooling that prioritizes self-directed learning and allows children to explore their own interests without a structured curriculum.Image:growing-without-schooling-sample-cover


John Holt, who had previously worked as a teacher and education reformer, founded GWS in response to what he perceived as failings in the traditional education system. Holt encouraged parents to trust their children's natural desire to learn and to give them the freedom to follow their own path.

GWS was published from 1977 to 2001, producing 143 issues and reaching readers around the world.


GWS featured articles on unschooling, including practical advice and resources for parents who were interested in homeschooling their children. The magazine also included essays by Holt and other writers on the philosophy of unschooling and critiques of the traditional education system.

In addition to print content, GWS provided a community for unschoolers to connect and share resources. The magazine sponsored conferences and events for homeschooling families and maintained a network of contributors and readers.


GWS was highly influential in the unschooling and homeschooling movements, and played a key role in popularizing the concept of unschooling as a viable alternative to traditional education. Holt's ideas about self-directed learning, child-centred education, and individuality have continued to influence educational reform movements around the world.


After Holt's death in 1985, GWS ceased publication but the magazine's influence continued to be felt in the homeschooling and unschooling communities. Many former readers and contributors have gone on to become leaders in the movement, promoting Holt's ideas and advocating for alternative education models.

Today, GWS is remembered as a key resource for unschooling families and a catalyst for educational reform. The magazine's archives are available online, ensuring that its legacy continues to be accessible to current and future generations of readers.{{Categories}}

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