Gunton's Magazine


Gunton's Magazine was a periodical publication produced in England from 1857 to 1893. The magazine was influential in publishing articles and illustrations about hunting, fishing, natural history, and country life.


Founded in 1857 by John Edward Harting, Gunton's Magazine focused on the interests of the country gentleman with an emphasis on outdoor pursuits.

Initially, the magazine's content covered fishing and hunting, but as it expanded, it included more articles on natural history, travels and adventures, and rural customs.

Gunton's Magazine was published for 37 years, and during this time, it established itself as a leading publication in its field. It was considered to be the finest sporting magazine in England during its time.


Gunton's Magazine features a wide range of articles and illustrations, including information about hunting, shooting, fishing, and other outdoor activities. The magazine also included articles on natural history, countryside topics, and travel.

The magazine's illustrations were of high quality, depicting animals, landscapes, and equipment used in outdoor pursuits. Many of the illustrations were from notable artists, such as Sir Edwin Landseer, Joseph Wolf, and John Leech.


Gunton's Magazine was influential in promoting outdoor pursuits, promoting conservation of the countryside, and documenting rural life in England.

The magazine contributed to the development of the conservation movement in Britain by disseminating information about species protection, habitat conservation, and the need for sustainable practices.


Although Gunton's Magazine ceased publication in 1893, it remains an important historical document, providing an insight into the sporting and cultural history of England during the Victorian period.

Since its publication, the magazine has been prized by collectors and enthusiasts for its vivid illustrations and informative articles, and it is still relevant for those who have an interest in the outdoors or for those interested in the cultural and social history of rural lifestyle.


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