Ham Radio Magazine


Ham Radio magazine was a monthly publication established in 1968 to serve amateur radio enthusiasts in the United States. The magazine was dedicated to the technical and practical aspects of amateur radio communication, as well as news and opinions related to the hobby.


Ham Radio magazine was first published in June 1968 by Wayne Green, W2NSD. The magazine was published out of a small office in New Hampshire, with Green serving as editor and publisher.

The magazine primarily focused on technical aspects of amateur radio, including construction projects, antenna design, and equipment reviews. However, it also included news and opinion pieces related to the amateur radio community, including regulatory and legal issues.


Ham Radio magazine's content was divided into several sections, including features, construction projects, equipment reviews, and letters to the editor. The magazine also featured a regular column titled "Never Say Die," which focused on troubleshooting and problem-solving in amateur radio communications.

Throughout its history, the magazine included interviews with prominent figures in the amateur radio community, as well as coverage of major events and contests in the hobby.


Ham Radio magazine played an important role in the growth and development of the amateur radio hobby in the United States. The magazine helped to spread knowledge and information about the technical aspects of amateur radio, and provided a platform for enthusiasts to share their experiences and opinions.

The magazine also helped to build a sense of community among amateur radio operators, by providing a forum for discussion and debate about the hobby and its future.


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