Hardgainer Magazine


Hardgainer was a bi-monthly magazine focused on strength training and bodybuilding for individuals naturally prone to difficulty in gaining muscle mass, called "hardgainers". The magazine was known for its practical advice and emphasis on progressive overload training principles.


Hardgainer was founded in 1989 by Stuart McRobert, an author and bodybuilder who wrote extensively on the subject of strength training. The magazine quickly gained a following among individuals who struggled to gain muscle mass, offering practical advice for building strength and size.

Over the years, Hardgainer published articles on a wide range of topics related to strength training and bodybuilding, including training routines, nutrition, and supplementation. The magazine also emphasized the importance of progress tracking and the use of free weights in workouts.


Hardgainer's content was divided into several sections, including training, nutrition, and supplementation. The magazine's training section included workout routines and tips for building strength and muscle mass.

The nutrition section focused on providing practical advice for individuals with fast metabolisms or digestive issues, ensuring that they were able to consume enough nutrients to support muscle growth. The magazine also provided supplement recommendations, but emphasized that supplements are not a substitute for proper nutrition.

One of the magazine's recurring features was the "Hardgainer Q&A," which answered reader-submitted questions related to training, nutrition, and supplementation.


Hardgainer played an important role in the bodybuilding and fitness industry, providing practical advice for individuals who had difficulty gaining muscle mass. The magazine emphasized the importance of progressive overload training principles and tracking progress, two concepts that are still highly regarded in the fitness community today.

Although the magazine is no longer in publication, its legacy lives on through the many practical training tips and principles that it espoused over the years.


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