Harp Magazine


Harp Magazine was a bi-monthly music magazine that focused on independent and alternative artists in the rock, pop, and folk genres. The publication was known for its in-depth articles, reviews, and interviews with up-and-coming musicians.


Harp Magazine was founded in 2001 by Scott Crawford, a music journalist and indie rock enthusiast. The magazine quickly gained a following among fans of independent music, many of whom felt that mainstream music publications did not give enough attention to emerging artists.

Over the years, Harp featured interviews with many well-known musicians, including Radiohead, The White Stripes, and Regina Spektor. The magazine also provided in-depth coverage of music festivals, such as South by Southwest and Coachella.


Harp Magazine featured articles on a wide range of topics related to independent music and culture. The magazine's editorial style was known for being thoughtful and analytical, often focusing on the larger cultural and social issues that music could represent.

In addition to interviews with musicians, Harp Magazine also featured album and concert reviews, as well as articles on music history and criticism. The magazine's photo essays and profiles of up-and-coming musicians were also popular among readers.


Harp Magazine played an important role in the independent music world, providing coverage for underrepresented artists and giving voice to a diverse range of musical genres. The magazine ceased publication in 2008, but many of its writers and editors went on to write for other music publications.

The legacy of Harp Magazine also continues through its sister publication, BLURT Magazine, which was founded by some of the same editors following the closure of Harp. Like its predecessor, BLURT focuses on independent and alternative music.


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