Heeb Magazine


Heeb magazine was a Jewish-themed quarterly magazine that was published from 2002 to 2010. The magazine was notable for its irreverent take on Jewish culture and identity, and it aimed to appeal to a young and hip Jewish audience.


Heeb magazine was founded in 2002 by Joshua Neuman and Jennifer Bleyer. The magazine was created as a response to what the founders saw as a lack of engaging and relevant content for young Jews. The magazine's name was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek reference to the derogatory term "heeb", which has been used as a slur against Jews.

Over the years, Heeb magazine gained a reputation for being controversial and provocative, with articles that tackled taboo subjects and challenged conventional notions of Jewish identity and culture.


Heeb magazine's content included feature stories, profiles, and interviews with Jewish artists, writers, and cultural figures. The magazine also featured opinion pieces, humor and satire, and fashion and lifestyle coverage.

One of the magazine's most notable features was its annual "Heeb 100" list, which profiled 100 Jewish celebrities and cultural figures who were making an impact in their respective fields.


Heeb magazine's irreverent and provocative approach attracted a dedicated following, and it was credited with helping to redefine Jewish identity and culture for a new generation of young Jews. The magazine also faced criticism and controversy for its edgy and sometimes offensive content, and it was accused by some of perpetuating negative stereotypes about Jews.

Heeb magazine ceased publication in 2010, but its legacy lives on in a number of online platforms, including a blog and social media presence.


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