Hello Mr.


Hello Mr. magazine was a biannual independent magazine that was published from 2012 to 2018. The magazine was aimed at a young, gay male audience, and it focused on topics such as fashion, design, art, and culture.


Hello Mr. magazine was founded in 2012 by Ryan Fitzgibbon. The magazine was created as a way to explore and celebrate the nuances of contemporary gay culture, and it aimed to provide a platform for emerging LGBTQ+ creatives to showcase their work.

Over the years, Hello Mr. magazine gained a reputation for its bold and boundary-pushing approach to LGBTQ+ representation. The magazine featured articles that explored topics such as masculinity, coming out, and the intersection of queerness with other aspects of identity.


Hello Mr. magazine's content included in-depth features, interviews, and profiles of prominent figures in the LGBTQ+ community. The magazine also featured fashion and style coverage, with a focus on emerging designers and up-and-coming trends.

One of the magazine's most notable features was its "It's Complicated" series, which profiled real-life couples and explored the complexities of modern gay relationships.


Hello Mr. magazine was widely praised for its unique and inclusive vision of contemporary gay life, and it was credited with helping to reshape perceptions of LGBTQ+ culture. The magazine's bold and innovative approach to storytelling inspired a new generation of LGBTQ+ creatives, and it remains a touchstone of queer publishing.

Hello Mr. magazine ceased publication in 2018, but its legacy lives on through a number of online platforms, including a digital archive of past issues and a devoted social media following.


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