Hero Illustrated


Hero Illustrated is a quarterly comic book magazine published by Marvel Comics under the Epic Comics imprint. The magazine features original stories and artwork from some of the biggest names in the comic book industry.


Hero Illustrated was launched in 1990, during the height of the comic book boom in the United States. The magazine was part of Marvel's Epic Comics imprint, which was established in the 1980s to publish more sophisticated and mature titles for older readers.

The magazine was initially edited by Bob Layton, a well-known comic book writer and artist who had previously worked on titles like Iron Man and Hercules. Layton aimed to create a magazine that focused on original content and featured top talent from the comic book industry.


Hero Illustrated features a mix of original comics stories, interviews with creators, and behind-the-scenes features on the comic book industry. The magazine has been known to publish stories in a variety of genres, from superhero adventures to horror and science fiction.

Some of the most popular series to appear in Hero Illustrated have included Frank Miller's "Sin City," Mike Mignola's "Hellboy," and John Byrne's "Next Men." In addition, the magazine is known for showcasing emerging talent and promoting independent creators.


Hero Illustrated was widely regarded as one of the premier comic book magazines of the 1990s. The magazine received critical acclaim for its original content, innovative layouts, and high production values.

Although the magazine ceased publication in 1994, it remains a highly sought-after collectible for comic book fans. Many of the series and creators that debuted in Hero Illustrated have gone on to achieve widespread success in the comic book industry and beyond.


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