Hi Magazine


Hi magazine is a weekly celebrity news and lifestyle magazine published in the United Kingdom. The magazine, which was founded in 1988, features articles and photographs covering celebrity weddings, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics.


Hi magazine was launched in the UK in 1988 by Eduardo Sánchez Junco, a Spanish businessman with a background in the fashion and media industries. The magazine was initially a Spanish-language publication aimed at Spanish speakers living in the UK, but it quickly expanded to include English-language content and a wider audience.

Over the years, Hi magazine has become known for its exclusive coverage of celebrity weddings and other high-profile events. The magazine has also featured interviews with some of the world's biggest stars, as well as articles on fashion, beauty, travel, and other lifestyle topics.


Hi magazine's content is primarily focused on celebrity news and lifestyle. The magazine features a mix of original reporting and news aggregation, along with photographs from red carpet events, film premieres, and other high-profile occasions.

In addition to its celebrity coverage, Hi magazine also includes articles on fashion, beauty, health, travel, and other lifestyle topics. The magazine is known for its glossy, high-quality images and its focus on luxury and high-end products.


Hi magazine has remained a popular publication in the UK and around the world since its launch in 1988. The magazine is widely regarded as one of the premier celebrity news and lifestyle publications, and has won numerous awards over the years for its reporting and photography.

In addition to its print publication, Hi magazine has also expanded its brand in recent years to include digital content and social media. The magazine's online presence includes a website, social media accounts, and mobile apps, all featuring the same mix of celebrity news and lifestyle content.


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