High Performance


High Performance is an American automobile magazine that focuses on performance cars, providing expert reviews and technical articles on the latest technology and trends in the automotive industry.


High Performance was founded in 1970 by Joe R. Hrudka, the founder of the high-performance auto parts manufacturing company, Mr. Gasket. The magazine quickly gained a reputation for its in-depth coverage of the performance car world, featuring exclusive reviews, technical articles, and industry news.

Over the years, High Performance has continued to evolve and expand its coverage, covering a wide range of topics, including drag racing, muscle cars, and high-tech performance vehicles.


High Performance's content is primarily focused on the world of performance cars. The magazine features expert reviews of the latest high-performance cars, as well as technical articles and advice on upgrading and tuning existing vehicles.

In addition to its vehicle coverage, High Performance also includes coverage of major automotive events and expos, as well as historical features on classic muscle cars and the pioneers of the performance car industry.


High Performance has become a respected authority in the world of performance cars, providing expert analysis and insight on the latest technology and trends in the industry. The magazine has won numerous awards over the years, including the coveted Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Award.

In addition to its print publication, High Performance has maintained a strong online presence, providing exclusive content and multimedia features to its readers.


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