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HM Magazine (formerly known as Heaven's Metal) was a monthly periodical that covered the Christian metal and alternative music scene. The magazine was known for featuring news, reviews, and interviews with popular bands and artists, and had a circulation of roughly 15,000 readers at its peak.


HM Magazine was first published in 1985 under its original name, Heaven's Metal. The magazine was founded by Doug Van Pelt, a Christian musician and journalist who wanted to create a publication that would cover the growing Christian metal scene.

Initially, Heaven's Metal was a small publication that focused on heavy metal bands with Christian themes or messages. However, as the Christian alternative music scene grew and diversified, the magazine began to cover a wider range of genres, including punk rock, hardcore, and alternative rock.

In 1995, the magazine changed its name to HM Magazine, reflecting its coverage of a wider range of genres beyond metal. The magazine continued to be a leading voice in the Christian alternative music scene throughout the 1990s and 2000s, featuring interviews with popular bands like Switchfoot, Flyleaf, and Underoath.

In 2010, HM Magazine ceased print publication and shifted its focus to an online-only format. The website continued to feature news, reviews, and interviews with Christian bands and artists, but the magazine's influence and readership declined in the subsequent years.


HM Magazine covered a wide range of musical genres over the years, including heavy metal, punk rock, hardcore, and alternative rock. The magazine's content typically included reviews of new albums, concerts, and music-related products, as well as interviews with musicians and industry professionals.

Throughout its history, HM Magazine maintained a focus on Christian music and its intersection with popular culture. The magazine often explored the religious themes and messages of popular bands and artists, offering a unique perspective on the role of religion in the music industry.


Although HM Magazine is no longer published, its legacy continues to be felt in the Christian alternative music scene. The magazine was a leading voice in the scene for over two decades, and played a major role in helping to promote and popularize Christian alternative music.

Many bands and artists were featured in the pages of HM Magazine early in their careers, and the magazine helped to introduce a wide range of Christian musicians to a broader audience. In this way, HM Magazine had a long-lasting impact on the Christian alternative music scene, and its influence is still felt by musicians and fans alike today.{{Categories}}

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