Hollywood Star


Hollywood Star was a celebrity gossip and entertainment magazine that was published in the United States from 1988 to 2004. The magazine was known for its coverage of Hollywood's biggest stars and for its eye-catching covers and headlines.


Hollywood Star magazine was founded in 1988 by Hudson News and Publishing, a company that also published the National Enquirer and other tabloid magazines. The magazine was designed to compete with other celebrity gossip magazines like People and Us Weekly.

Over the years, Hollywood Star became known for its sensationalist headlines and coverage of the most salacious celebrity gossip of the day. The magazine published stories about celebrities' personal lives, often featuring rumors and speculation about marriages, divorces, and scandals.

Hollywood Star also featured interviews with celebrities and coverage of Hollywood events, such as movie premieres and award shows. The magazine's photographers often captured exclusive photos of celebrities in candid moments or at private events.

In 2004, Hudson News and Publishing announced that it would be ceasing publication of Hollywood Star due to declining sales and competition from other celebrity gossip magazines.


Hollywood Star magazine's content focused largely on celebrity gossip and scandal. The magazine's stories often featured juicy details about the personal lives of Hollywood's biggest stars, including rumors about relationships, affairs, and other scandals.

In addition to celebrity gossip, Hollywood Star also featured coverage of Hollywood events and interviews with celebrities. The magazine's photographers often captured exclusive photos of celebrities in candid moments or at private events.

Hollywood Star's covers were designed to grab readers' attention, often featuring provocative headlines and eye-catching photos of celebrities. The magazine was known for its sensationalist style, which sometimes led to criticism from other media outlets.


Although Hollywood Star magazine is no longer published, its influence on celebrity gossip culture continues to be felt. The magazine played a significant role in the development of celebrity gossip as a lucrative industry, and its sensationalist style helped to shape the tone of other celebrity gossip magazines that followed.

Today, celebrity gossip remains a popular topic in both print and online media, and many publications continue to use tactics pioneered by Hollywood Star to grab readers' attention. Despite its controversial reputation, Hollywood Star helped to establish celebrity gossip as a significant force in popular culture.{{Categories}}

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