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Houston City is a monthly publication that covers the arts, culture, and lifestyle of Houston, Texas. The magazine was first published in 1994 and has since become an important and influential voice in the city's cultural scene.Image:houston-city-magazine-sample-cover


Houston City magazine was founded in 1994 by Marsha Rosenbaum and Jerry Simoneaux. The publication was initially focused on the city's dining and entertainment scene, but quickly expanded to cover a wide range of topics, from fashion and design to travel and leisure.

Over the years, Houston City has featured contributions from some of the city's most talented writers and photographers, as well as notable cultural figures from around the world. The magazine has become known for its high-quality photography, in-depth reporting, and authoritative editorial voice.

In 2008, Houston City was acquired by Redfish Media, a multimedia company based in Houston. Under the new ownership, the magazine has continued to thrive, maintaining its focus on the city's vibrant cultural scene while also exploring important social and political issues.

Today, Houston City is one of the most respected and widely read magazines in the city, and has won numerous awards for its journalism and design. The publication remains committed to celebrating the culture, diversity, and creativity of Houston, while also serving as a valuable resource for residents and visitors alike.


Houston City covers a wide range of topics, including arts and culture, food and drink, fashion and design, travel and leisure, and social and political issues. The magazine is known for its in-depth reporting, high-quality photography, and authoritative editorial voice.

Each issue of the magazine includes feature stories, interviews, profiles, and reviews, as well as regular departments and columns covering everything from the city's best new restaurants to its most exciting cultural events. The publication also produces an annual guide to the city's best attractions, called "The Insider's Guide to Houston."

In addition to its print publication, Houston City also maintains a robust digital presence, with a website that features exclusive content, as well as social media channels that connect the magazine with its readership.


Houston City has been an important and influential voice in the city's cultural scene for nearly 30 years. The magazine has helped to shape the narrative around Houston's arts and culture, and has played a key role in promoting the city's diverse communities and creative talent.

Through its reporting and criticism, Houston City has helped to bring attention to important social and political issues in the city, including its struggles with racial and economic inequality. The magazine has{{Categories}}

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