HOW is a design magazine that covers the latest trends, techniques, and inspiration in graphic design, typography, photography, and other creative fields. The magazine has been published since 1985 and is one of the most respected and widely read publications in the design community.Image:how-sample-cover


HOW was founded in 1985 by F+W Media, a media and e-commerce company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The magazine was initially focused on the business side of graphic design, with articles and features aimed at helping designers run successful businesses.

Over the years, HOW has evolved to include a broader range of topics, including design inspiration, creative techniques, and trends in the industry. The publication also expanded to include digital editions and online resources for designers around the world.

In 2014, HOW was acquired by F+W's new parent company, New Track Media. The magazine's editorial team has remained committed to its mission of providing designers with the resources, information, and inspiration to succeed in their careers.


HOW covers a wide range of topics related to graphic design, typography, photography, illustration, and other creative fields. Each issue of the magazine includes feature articles, profiles, interviews, and tutorials, as well as regular columns covering topics such as branding, packaging design, and web design.

The publication also produces a variety of special issues throughout the year, including "HOW's International Design Annual," which features the best of the world's design work, and "HOW's Interactive Design Awards," which recognizes the best in digital design.

In addition to its print publication, HOW maintains a robust online presence, including a website that features exclusive content, resources, and job listings for designers. The magazine also hosts a variety of design conferences and events throughout the year, including the annual HOW Design Live conference, which brings together designers, industry experts, and thought leaders from around the world.


HOW has been an important and influential voice in the design community for over 35 years. The magazine has helped to shape the conversation around design, providing designers with the resources and inspiration to create innovative and effective work.

Through its coverage of trends and techniques in the industry, as well as its focus on the business side of design, HOW has helped designers to grow their careers and achieve success in their fields. The magazine has also played an important role in highlighting the value and impact of design on society as a whole.{{Categories}}

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