Hunter-Trader-Trapper magazine was an American magazine first published in 1919. The magazine catered to a niche audience of American hunters, traders, and trappers, providing them with news, information, and stories related to their interests.Image:hunter-trader-trapper-sample-cover


Hunter-Trader-Trapper was founded by Arthur F. Neumann, a writer and publisher from New York City. The magazine initially focused on hunting and trapping, with a section dedicated to fur prices. The first issue was published in June 1919, and it quickly gained popularity among its target audience.

In the 1920s and 1930s, Hunter-Trader-Trapper expanded its focus to include international hunting and fishing, as well as adventure travel. The magazine's articles were often illustrated with photographs, which helped to promote exotic destinations and experiences to its readership.

After Neumann's death in 1928, Hunter-Trader-Trapper was sold to Charles L. Cadieux, who expanded the magazine's focus to include firearms and shooting. Cadieux ran the magazine until his death in 1972, at which point it was sold to Outdoor Sportsman Group.


Hunter-Trader-Trapper's content varied, ranging from news and opinion pieces to how-to guides and personal narratives. The magazine's articles often featured exotic locales, detailing the experiences of hunters, trappers, and traders around the world.

The magazine's illustrated covers were often provocative, featuring images of game animals, hunting equipment, and women in various poses. The magazine featured a mix of advertising and editorial content, with ads for guns, ammunition, and hunting gear often appearing as full-page spreads.


Hunter-Trader-Trapper remained popular among American hunters and outdoors enthusiasts throughout the 20th century. The magazine's emphasis on travel and adventure helped to promote hunting and fishing as an international activity, and its how-to guides and personal anecdotes helped to educate and inspire its readership.

In the early 2000s, Hunter-Trader-Trapper was absorbed by Outdoor Life magazine, which is still published under the Bonnier Corporation. Although the magazine is no longer in circulation, it remains a nostalgic symbol of American hunting and outdoor culture.


Hunter-Trader-Trapper magazine offered a unique perspective on hunting and trapping in America, combining news, information, and entertainment to create a publication that was both informative and engaging. The magazine's success paved the way for a variety of other outdoor publications, helping to shape American hunting and outdoor culture for decades to come.{{Categories}}

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