Ignite Your Faith


Ignite Your Faith (IYF) magazine was a popular American magazine focused on covering the Christian faith and inspiring young readers to engage with their faith.Image:ignite-your-faith-sample-cover


IYF was founded by Christianity Today International and launched in 1960 as Campus Life magazine. The focus of the magazine was to provide guidance and resourcing for Christian teenagers and young adults. They later changed the magazine's name in 2008 to the current name.

For over 60 years, the magazine was published under the auspices of Christianity Today International, one of the largest publishers of Christian media in the United States.


Ignite Your Faith covered a broad range of topics related to the Christian faith, including personal stories of faith, spiritual growth, prayer, apologetics, and social issues. The magazine was known for its engaging and thought-provoking content, which inspired readers to think deeply about their faith and how it impacted their daily lives.

In addition to its print content, Ignite Your Faith also maintained an active website and social media presence, featuring articles and videos on a range of Christian topics.

Audience and Reception

The magazine's primary audience was Christian teenagers and young adults, with a focus on inspiring them to engage in their faith and live out their beliefs in practical ways.

Over the years, Ignite Your Faith was recognized with several awards for its content, including multiple awards from the Evangelical Press Association for its design and editorial content.


During a major reorganization of the publisher's ministry in 2020, Christianity Today International made the decision to retire Ignite Your Faith and focus on other publications and digital media platforms.

While the closure of Ignite Your Faith was a disappointment to many of its readers, the magazine's legacy and impact on the Christian faith continued to be felt by many.{{Categories}}

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