Imagine was an educational magazine aimed at children aged between six and twelve. The publication covered a range of topics, including science, history, and art.Image:imagine-sample-cover


Imagine was first published in 2006 by publisher Future plc. The magazine was published in the UK and was distributed internationally.

The magazine had a team of editors and writers who were responsible for creating the content. The team included leading experts in the fields of science, history, and art.


Imagine was aimed at children and aimed to make learning fun. The magazine's content was designed to be both informative and entertaining, and covered a range of topics, including science and technology, history, and art.

Each issue of Imagine contained features on specific topics, as well as puzzles, quiz and comic strips.

Audience and Reception

Imagine was popular with both children and parents, who praised the magazine for its quality and entertainment value. The magazine won several awards.

The publication was recommended by teachers and librarians as a valuable educational resource for children.

Cessation of Publication

In 2016, Future plc announced the closure of Imagine magazine. The final issue was published in December 2016.

Despite its closure, Imagine magazine had a lasting impact on the educational publishing industry. The magazine inspired several other educational publications for children, many of which are still in circulation today.{{Categories}}

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