Improvement Era


Improvement Era was an official magazine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). The magazine was published from 1897 to 1970 and was aimed at general church membership.Image:improvement-era-sample-cover


Improvement Era was first published in 1897 as a replacement for The Contributor, which had been in circulation since 1879. The magazine was published monthly and covered a wide range of topics, including gospel doctrine, missionary work, and church history.

Over the years, Improvement Era featured a number of notable writers and editors, including B. H. Roberts and apostle James E. Talmage.

In 1970, Improvement Era was merged with the LDS Church's other official magazine, The Ensign.


Improvement Era covered a wide range of topics related to the LDS Church. The magazine featured articles on gospel doctrine, church history, missionary work, and family life. It also included poetry, fiction, and artwork from LDS Church members.

The magazine was known for its emphasis on personal spiritual development and for providing readers with tools and resources to strengthen their faith.

Audience and Reception

Improvement Era had a large and dedicated readership among members of the LDS Church. The magazine was seen as an authoritative source of information and inspiration for church members around the world.

Over the years, Improvement Era received a number of industry awards, including recognition from the Catholic Press Association.


Although Improvement Era ceased publication in 1970, its legacy lives on through The Ensign, which is still in circulation today. The magazine played an important role in the history of the LDS Church and helped to shape the beliefs and practices of its members around the world.{{Categories}}

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