In the Family


In the Family was a magazine aimed at the parents and families of the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). The magazine was published from 1970 to 1998.Image:in-the-family-sample-cover


In the Family was first published in 1970 as a replacement for The Instructor, which had been in circulation since 1922. The magazine was published monthly and was aimed at providing parents and families of the LDS Church with resources and information to strengthen their family relationships and their faith.

Over the years, In the Family featured a number of notable writers and columnists, including James E. Faust and Sheri L. Dew.

In 1998, In the Family was replaced by a new magazine, "The Ensign" which also featured family-oriented articles.


In the Family covered a wide range of topics related to family life and the LDS Church. The magazine featured articles on parenting, marriage, family relationships, and faith. In the Family regularly included editorials by Church leaders encouraging parents, youth, and families in their spiritual efforts.

The magazine also had features such as Book of the Month Club, Family Travel, and Home Cooking recipes. It also included poetry, fiction, and artwork from LDS Church members.

Audience and Reception

In the Family had a large readership among members of the LDS Church. The magazine was seen as an important resource for parents and families to help create stronger bonds within their families.

Over the years, In the Family received a number of industry awards for its content and layout.


Although In the Family ceased publication in 1998, its influence on the LDS Church members and families continues to this day. Its focus on family life and spiritual development influenced generations of parents and families and continues in the Church's emphasis on family activities and programs to strengthen the family unit within the Church.{{Categories}}

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