Index Magazine was a publication based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, covering arts, culture, and politics. It was in circulation from 1991 to 2009 and was known for its coverage of counterculture.Image:index-sample-cover


Index was founded in 1991 by a group of Montreal activists and artists. The magazine was initially produced on a shoestring budget and featured a DIY aesthetic that reflected its counterculture roots.

Over the years, the magazine grew in popularity and gained a reputation as a leading voice in Montreal's arts and culture scene. It was particularly well-known for its coverage of independent arts events, music, and underground politics.

In 2009, Index ceased publication, citing financial difficulties.


Index covered a wide range of topics related to arts, culture, and politics. The magazine featured articles on music, film, literature, and visual arts. It also covered politics, human rights, and social justice issues.

Index was known for its alternative perspective and willingness to challenge the status quo. The magazine often gave a voice to marginalized communities and featured articles on topics that were otherwise overlooked by mainstream media.

Audience and Reception

Index had a devoted readership in Montreal and beyond. The magazine was seen as an important resource for those interested in alternative arts and culture in the city.

Over the years, Index received a number of awards for its content and layout. The magazine was also praised for its commitment to independent journalism and the arts.


Although Index ceased publication in 2009, its influence on Montreal's arts and culture scene continues to this day. Its legacy is seen in the city's vibrant independent arts scene. The magazine's archives are also available online, providing a valuable resource for those interested in Montreal's cultural history.{{Categories}}

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