Innerloop was a monthly video game magazine in the United States that covered news and reviews on various video game consoles and computer games. The magazine was published by Ziff Davis and was in circulation from 1995 to 1998.


Innerloop was first published in 1995 as a monthly video game magazine. It was published by Ziff Davis, a company known for its computer-related publications. The magazine was headquartered in San Francisco, California, and had a circulation of approximately 100,000 copies at its peak.

Innerloop provided its readers with game reviews, previews, and news on consoles, including the PlayStation, Saturn, and Nintendo 64, as well as computer games. The magazine also covered video game culture and technology.


Innerloop's content was divided into several sections, including "Reviews," "Previews," "News," "Technology," and "Culture." The "Reviews" section provided in-depth reviews of the latest video games and was complemented by a rating system that used a five-star scale.

The "Previews" section featured exclusive looks at upcoming video games that had not yet been released. The "News" section covered the latest video game industry news, including game announcements, release dates, and industry trends.

The "Technology" section of Innerloop focused on emerging video game technologies, including virtual reality and online gaming, among other topics. The "Culture" section covered video game events, personalities, and the growing popularity of video games in mainstream culture.

Audience and Reception

Innerloop had a loyal readership among video game enthusiasts and was known for its honest and thorough reviews of video games. The magazine was also respected in the industry for its in-depth coverage of emerging video game technologies.

Over the years, Innerloop received several awards for its content, including the Computer Press Award for "Best New Magazine of the Year" in 1995 and "Best Gaming Magazine" in 1997.


Innerloop's focus on video game culture and technology helped it become a trusted resource for video game enthusiasts in the mid-1990s. The magazine's in-depth reviews and exclusive previews helped shape the video game industry and influence the purchasing decisions of many players.

Today, Innerloop is remembered as a pioneering video game magazine that helped shape the way video game journalism is conducted and brought video game culture into the mainstream.{{Categories}}

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