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InQuest Gamer was a monthly magazine in the United States that covered collectible card games, such as Magic: The Gathering and other tabletop games. The magazine was published by Wizard Entertainment and was in circulation from 1995 to 2007.


InQuest Gamer was first published in 1995 as a monthly magazine dedicated to collectible card games. It was published by Wizard Entertainment, which was known for its publication of Wizard magazine, a monthly magazine focused on comic book culture.

The magazine quickly became popular among collectors of collectible card games, covering topics such as the latest expansion sets, strategy guides, and reviews of individual cards.


The content of InQuest Gamer was divided into several sections, including "Reviews," "Previews," "Price Guide," "Strategy," and "Collector's Workshop." The "Reviews" section provided reviews of individual card sets, while the "Previews" section gave an exclusive look at upcoming sets.

The "Price Guide" section was a comprehensive resource for collectors, providing current pricing information for individual cards. The "Strategy" section featured articles on various aspects of collectible card games, while the "Collector's Workshop" section provided tips for players interested in customizing their cards.

Audience and Reception

InQuest Gamer had a dedicated readership among players of collectible card games, with a circulation of approximately 150,000 copies at its peak. The magazine was known for its in-depth reviews of individual cards and its comprehensive price guide, which helped collectors understand the value of their collections.

Over the years, InQuest Gamer received several awards for its content, including the Origins Award for "Best Periodical" in 2000 and the Inquest Fan Award for "Best Resource of the year" in 2004.


InQuest Gamer played an important role in the collectible card game community during the late 1990s and early 2000s. The magazine's extensive coverage of individual cards and its comprehensive price guide helped collectors understand the value of their collections and make informed purchasing decisions.

Today, InQuest Gamer is remembered as an important resource for the collectible card game community. Its legacy lives on through various online resources and collector communities, which continue to discuss and analyze the value of individual cards.{{Categories}}

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