Inside Sports


Inside Sports was a monthly sports magazine in the United States that covered various sports, including basketball, football, baseball, and boxing. The magazine served as a competitor to popular sports magazines, such as Sports Illustrated and ESPN The Magazine.


Inside Sports was first published in 1980 by editor Harold Rosenthal and publisher Joe Concannon. The magazine was published by News America Publishing Inc., a subsidiary of News Corporation.

In its early years, the magazine focused on long-form journalism, featuring in-depth stories and profiles of prominent athletes. However, in the 1990s, Inside Sports shifted its focus to more mainstream and celebrity-driven content.

The magazine ceased publication in 1998, due to financial troubles and declining readership.


Inside Sports covered a range of sports, including basketball, football, baseball, boxing, and golf, among others. The magazine featured coverage of professional and amateur sports, as well as human interest stories and profiles of famous athletes.

In addition to its sports coverage, the magazine was also known for its photography, which was often featured prominently on its covers and inside pages.

Audience and Reception

Inside Sports had a dedicated readership among sports fans and enthusiasts. The magazine was known for its focus on long-form journalism and its in-depth coverage of athletes and sports.

However, some criticized the magazine for its shift to more celebrity-driven and mainstream content in the 1990s.


Despite its relatively short publication history, Inside Sports is remembered as an influential sports magazine that helped shape the landscape of sports journalism in the United States. Its focus on in-depth coverage and long-form journalism influenced other sports publications, such as Sports Illustrated and ESPN The Magazine.

Today, fans of the magazine continue to remember its coverage of famous athletes and its signature long-form journalism.{{Categories}}

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