Instinct is a now-defunct monthly men's lifestyle magazine published in the United States from 1997 to 2015. The magazine targeted gay men and included articles on fashion, style, entertainment, and gay culture.Image:instinct-sample-cover


Instinct was founded in 1997 by Mike Cohen, a former advertising executive with a background in publishing. The magazine quickly gained popularity among the gay community, thanks in part to its focus on the lifestyle and interests of gay men.

In 2007, Instinct was sold to a group of investors led by Aaron Hicklin, the founder of another gay lifestyle magazine, Out. Under Hicklin's leadership, Instinct underwent a major redesign and rebranding, focusing more on fashion and entertainment content.

Despite several redesigns over the years, Instinct struggled financially due to declining readership and competition from online publications. In 2015, the magazine ceased publication, ending an 18-year run.


As a lifestyle magazine, Instinct covered a variety of topics, including fashion, style, entertainment, and culture. The magazine also included regular features on gay celebrities and athletes, as well as advice columns on relationships and health.

In its later years, Instinct shifted its focus more towards fashion and entertainment, featuring more photoshoots and articles on style trends.

Audience and Reception

Instinct had a dedicated readership among gay men seeking a publication that reflected their lifestyle and interests. The magazine was generally well-received by the gay community and praised for its positive portrayal of gay culture.

However, Instinct also faced criticism for its lack of diversity and representation, both in its content and in its leadership.


While Instinct is no longer in publication, it remains a notable magazine in the history of gay media. Its focus on the lifestyle and interests of gay men helped to shape the landscape of gay culture in the late 20th and early 21st century.{{Categories}}

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