Iron Horse


Iron Horse is an American motorcycle magazine that was first published in 1979. The magazine is known for its coverage of custom motorcycles, as well as motorcycle lifestyle and culture.Image:iron-horse-sample-cover


Iron Horse magazine was founded by Dennis Stemp and David Snow. The first issue of the magazine was published in October 1979, and featured a custom Harley Davidson on the cover.

Iron Horse has been published on a monthly basis throughout its history, and has become one of the most popular motorcycle magazines in the United States.


Iron Horse magazine primarily covers custom motorcycles, including Harley Davidsons, choppers, bobbers, and cafe racers. The magazine also covers motorcycle lifestyle and culture, including events, rallies, and charity rides.

Iron Horse occasionally features road tests and reviews of new motorcycles, but its primary focus is on custom motorcycles. The magazine also includes articles on motorcycle safety, maintenance, and customization techniques.

Audience and Reception

Iron Horse magazine primarily targets the motorcycle enthusiast market. The magazine is popular among riders and collectors of custom motorcycles, as well as enthusiasts of the motorcycle lifestyle and culture.

Iron Horse has been generally well-received by readers and critics alike. The magazine is praised for its high-quality photography and in-depth coverage of custom motorcycles.


Iron Horse magazine has become a staple of the American motorcycle industry. The magazine has helped to promote custom motorcycles as a serious art form and cultural movement.

While the magazine has faced some criticism for its focusing exclusively on custom motorcycles, Iron Horse continues to be a popular and influential publication in the motorcycle community.{{Categories}}

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