It is. A Magazine for Abstract Art

It is. A Magazine for Abstract ArtImage:it-is-a-magazine-for-abstract-art-sample-cover

It is. A Magazine for Abstract Art, also known simply as It is., is a quarterly magazine dedicated to abstract art. It was first published in 1958 by artist, poet and editor, Robert Indiana. The magazine was published until 1978 when its last issue was released.

It is. was one of the most influential art magazines of the 1960s. The magazine aimed to provide a platform for abstract art and to promote its significance in the contemporary art world. It featured work from emerging abstract artists as well as established figures in the art world.

The magazine placed a strong emphasis on the visual presentation of abstract art. Its minimal layout and design approach favored the use of white space, sans-serif typeface, and a limited color palette.

Contributors to It is. included some of the most significant artists, writers, and thinkers of the time, such as Ellsworth Kelly, Ad Reinhardt, and Frank Stella. It also published works of criticism, poetry, and philosophy.

Today, It is. remains a significant artifact of the period in which it was published and has been featured in various art exhibitions and publications. The magazine is recognized for its contribution to the abstract art movement and continues to be a point of reference for contemporary art scholars and enthusiasts.{{Categories}}

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