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Jem was an American fashion and beauty magazine that was published from 2007 to 2014. The magazine's headquarters were in New York City, and it was circulated nationally.

Jem Magazine was founded by Editor-in-Chief, Rory Diamond, who previously worked at beauty magazines like Allure and Vanity Fair. Diamond wanted to create a beauty magazine that was inclusive and celebrated a diverse range of individuals and stories.

Jem Magazine was known for its diversity and inclusive approach to beauty and fashion. The magazine featured models of various ages, sizes, and ethnicities, and highlighted underrepresented voices in the industry. The magazine also covered topics related to lifestyle, culture, and social issues.

In addition to its print publication, Jem Magazine had an online presence with a website that complemented its print content. The website featured online exclusives, interactive content, and a blog that covered current beauty and fashion trends.

Despite its popularity, Jem Magazine faced financial struggles during its seven-year run. The magazine's last issue was published in 2014, and the company officially closed in 2015.

Today, Jem Magazine is remembered for its unique approach to fashion and beauty and for its efforts to promote inclusivity and diversity in the beauty industry.{{Categories}}

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