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Jet was an American weekly news and entertainment magazine that was published from 1951 to 2014. The magazine was predominantly targeted towards an African-American audience and was based in Chicago, Illinois.

Jet magazine was founded by John H. Johnson, who also founded Johnson Publishing Company. The magazine's original name was Jet Weekly, but it was changed to Jet Magazine in 1952. Jet was a pocket-sized magazine that primarily featured articles on news, politics, entertainment, and beauty.

Jet was known for its iconic cover format, which featured a black-and-white photograph of a prominent African-American individual with typically only two or three lines of print. Jet Magazine was one of the first magazines to feature African-American models and actresses on their cover pages.

The magazine also covered important events in African American history such as the civil rights movement and the election of the first African American president of the United States. Jet Magazine also released annual print features like "The Best of Everything" and "The Beauties of the Week."

In addition to its print publication, Jet Magazine had an online presence with a website that complemented its print content. The website featured online exclusives, interactive content, celebrity interviews, and news sections.

Despite its popularity and longevity, Jet Magazine faced financial struggles during its final years of publication. The magazine's last print edition was published in 2014, and the company shifted to focusing on its digital platform before ultimately closing its doors in 2019.

Today Jet Magazine remains an important cultural artifact of African American history, providing a window into the lives of African Americans in the second half of the 20th century.{{Categories}}

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