John Martin's Book

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John Martin's Book was a literary magazine founded by John Martin in 1977. The magazine was based in New York City, United States, and was known for its focus on avant-garde literature and literary criticism.

John Martin's Book published poetry, fiction, reviews, and essays, including works by prominent writers like Allen Ginsberg, Joyce Carol Oates, and Paul Bowles. The magazine's editorial vision emphasized experimental and innovative writing, and many of the works published in John Martin's Book were characterized by their unconventional styles and themes.

In addition to its literary content, John Martin's Book also featured interviews with writers, artists, and other cultural figures. The magazine's editorial team maintained close relationships with many of the writers it published and often supported them through efforts like book publication and promotion.

Despite its reputation as a leading literary magazine of the avant-garde, John Martin's Book faced financial difficulties throughout its run. The magazine ceased publication in 1985, after eight years and twenty-six issues. However, the impact of John Martin's Book on experimental literature and literary criticism continues to be felt today, and many of the writers and works published in its pages remain celebrated and influential in literary circles.{{Categories}}

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