Journal of Asian Martial Arts

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The Journal of Asian Martial Arts (JAMA) is a quarterly academic journal that focuses on the study of martial arts in Asia. Founded in 1991, JAMA has established itself as an authoritative source on the history, philosophy, and practice of martial arts in Asia.

JAMA features articles written by both prominent scholars and martial artists with deep knowledge and experience in the subject matter. The journal covers a wide range of topics related to martial arts, including historical and cultural perspectives, technical and biomechanical aspects, and philosophical and spiritual dimensions.

In addition to its scholarly articles, JAMA also includes book reviews, interviews, and editorials related to martial arts. The journal is known for its rigorous peer-review process, ensuring that articles published in JAMA meet high academic standards.

JAMA has attracted a global readership and is considered a leading publication on martial arts studies. The journal is indexed in several academic databases and is recognized by the martial arts community as an essential resource for scholars, practitioners, and enthusiasts alike.{{Categories}}

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