Jp Magazine

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Jp (short for Jeep) is a monthly American magazine that focuses on Jeep vehicles. It was first published in 1981 and is currently owned by MotorTrend Group.

The magazine features a variety of articles about Jeeps, including reviews and comparisons of new models, coverage of Jeep-related events, and in-depth articles about Jeep history and culture. Jp also includes technical articles, written by experienced Jeep enthusiasts, that provide advice and guidance on modifying and repairing Jeep vehicles.

Jp is known for its vibrant and active online community of Jeep enthusiasts, with a large social media following and an engaged forum community. The magazine regularly features content from its readers and interacts with them on social media.

In addition to its monthly print edition, Jp has a digital version of the magazine that includes bonus content and features. The magazine also publishes a range of Jeep-related products, including books, calendars, and clothing.

Jp has won several awards for its high-quality content, including a Maggie Award from the Western Publishing Association. As of 2021, Jp has a monthly circulation of over 50,000 copies and remains an influential publication within the Jeep community.{{Categories}}

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