Just Out

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Just Out was an American LGBT-focused monthly magazine that was published in Portland, Oregon from 1983 to 2013.

The magazine was founded by Jay Brown and Renee LaChance, who were a couple at the time. The two were active members of the Portland LGBT community and saw a need for a magazine that focused on local news and events for the community.

Just Out quickly became a staple in the Portland LGBT community, with its coverage of local news, events, and culture. The magazine was also known for its witty editorials and interviews with local and national LGBT celebrities.

Throughout its history, Just Out faced financial struggles and ownership changes. In early 2013, the magazine announced that it would cease publication due to financial difficulties.

Just Out's legacy lives on in the impact it had on the Portland LGBT community. The magazine served as a source of information and inspiration for the community, and helped to promote greater acceptance and visibility of LGBT people in Portland and beyond.{{Categories}}

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