Justice Denied

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Justice Denied is a quarterly magazine with a focus on wrongful convictions in the United States. The magazine was founded in 1999 by Hans Sherrer.

The magazine's main focus is on individual cases of wrongful convictions, including interviews with those involved in the cases and analysis of the legal and social aspects of the cases. Justice Denied also covers broader issues related to wrongful convictions, such as prosecutorial misconduct, forensic science, and eyewitness identification.

In addition to its print publication, Justice Denied also maintains a website that includes news updates, case profiles, and resources for those who have been wrongfully convicted or who are working on wrongful conviction cases.

Justice Denied has been recognized as an important resource for those working in the field of criminal justice reform, as well as for those who have been personally affected by wrongful convictions. The magazine has received coverage in various media outlets, including NPR and the New York Times.

As of 2021, Justice Denied continues to be published on a quarterly basis, with a dedicated readership of those interested in issues related to criminal justice reform and wrongful convictions.{{Categories}}

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