JVibe, originally known as New Voices, is a Jewish American magazine aimed at teenagers and young adults. It was founded in 1993 by Boston-based entrepreneur and philanthropist Robert I. Lappin.

The magazine covers topics related to Jewish culture and identity, as well as issues relevant to young Jewish people. It has featured articles on Jewish music, film, literature, politics, and social justice, as well as first-person accounts from young Jewish writers.

JVibe has won numerous awards for its journalism and editorial content, including awards from the American Jewish Press Association and the Association of Jewish Libraries. The magazine has contributed to the development of a strong Jewish cultural identity among young people, providing a platform for creative expression and community building.

In 2006, JVibe merged with Sh’ma, a leading Jewish intellectual magazine, to form Sh’ma JVibe. The magazine continued to publish until 2009, when it ceased operations due to financial difficulties. However, its impact on Jewish youth culture and identity continues to be felt, and its legacy is still celebrated by those who were touched by its mission and message.{{Categories}}

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