Keyboard is an American magazine that covers keyboard instruments, as well as electronic music production and related technologies. The magazine was first published in 1975 by GPI Publications and has since become a respected authority in the field of music technology.

Keyboard features articles on electronic and acoustic keyboard instruments, software and music production techniques, and interviews with influential keyboardists and other musicians. The magazine also includes reviews of new and vintage gear, instructional materials for players of all levels, and news and commentary on the latest developments in music technology.

Over the years, Keyboard has won numerous awards for its journalism and editorial content, including accolades from the National Association of Music Merchants and the American Society of Business Press Editors. The magazine has also been a pioneering voice in coverage of electronic and digital music, helping to introduce and define new sounds and styles to a broader audience.

Today, Keyboard continues to be a leading source of news, information, and inspiration for keyboard players and music enthusiasts around the world. Its mission is to educate and entertain, providing a platform for musicians of all levels to share their knowledge, skills, and passion for music.{{Categories}}

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