Kids Discover

Kids Discover is an educational and nonfiction magazine targeted towards children in elementary and middle school. The magazine was founded in 1991 by Brooklyn-based veteran publisher and innovator, Ted Levine.magazine-cover-not-available.png

The magazine is known for its high-quality content, which covers a wide range of topics in the sciences, history, and social studies. Each issue of Kids Discover magazine is centered around a specific theme, with articles, photographs, and illustrations that explore nuanced details in an engaging way.

Kids Discover magazine aims to promote literacy and learning in children by presenting scholastic content in an accessible and engaging format. The magazine's writers and designers collaborate with teachers, archaeologists, and scholars to ensure that the material is accurate, insightful, and appropriate for young readers.

In addition to its print magazine, Kids Discover offers online resources, including lesson plans, multimedia packages, and interactive digital learning tools that teachers can use in the classroom. The publisher also offers reading and activity packs through its website.

Throughout its history, Kids Discover has won numerous awa, including multiple Teachers' Choice awards from Learning Magazine. It has also been recognized by the National Science Teachers Association as an outstanding educational supplement.

Today, Kids Discover remains an important resource for parents and educators looking for high-quality educational content for children. It continues to be published on a quarterly basis in print, and its website offers a vast array of digital resources for educators and families.{{Categories}}

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