Kidz is a Canadian magazine aimed at children aged 7 to 12. It was first published in 2000 and is currently owned by Bayard Presse Canada Inc.Image:kidz-sample-cover

The magazine offers a mix of entertainment and education to its young readers, featuring articles, fiction stories, and puzzles. Its content is designed to cover topics that are relevant and interesting to children, from science experiments to celebrity interviews.

Kidz is published on a bi-monthly basis and features a variety of sections, including "Kidz Buzz," "Top Pics," and "Get Inspired." The magazine encourages its readers to participate in its writing contests and contribute artwork to its "Cool Creations" section.

The magazine has won numerous awards for its excellence in children's publishing, including the Parents' Choice Award. Its editors and writers collaborate with educators, parents, and child psychologists to ensure that its content is appropriate and engaging for its target audience.

Kidz magazine is available in print and digital formats. The publisher's website offers additional resources for readers, including video content and interactive games.

Today, Kidz remains an important source of entertainment and education for Canadian children, and it serves as a model for other publishers of children's magazines.{{Categories}}

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