Kiki is a US-based magazine aimed at girls aged 8 to 14. The magazine was first founded in 2007 and is currently owned by Cricket Media, Inc.Image:kiki-sample-cover

The magazine offers a mix of entertainment and education, featuring articles, interviews, and stories that are intended to inspire young girls to explore new paths and ideas. The magazine's content covers topics ranging from science and entrepreneurship to fashion and culture.

Kiki is published on a bi-monthly basis and contains several sections, including "Real Girls," "DIY," and "What's Up?" The magazine encourages its readers to share their thoughts and stories through artwork submissions and letters to the editor.

Kiki has won several awards for its excellence in children's publishing, including the Parents' Choice Recommended Award and the NAPPA Gold Award. Its editors and writers work with educators and parents to ensure that the magazine's content is positive, age-appropriate, and empowering for its readers.

Kiki is available in print and digital formats. The magazine's website offers additional resources for its readers, including a blog, discussion forums, and podcast episodes.

Today, Kiki remains an important resource for parents and educators looking for high-quality magazines that promote positive and inspiring messages for young girls. Its focus on empowering young girls to embrace new ideas and stories sets it apart from other publications in the market.{{Categories}}

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