King is a defunct American men's magazine targeted at African-American audiences. The magazine was published from 2002 to 2009.Image:king-sample-cover

The magazine was known for its coverage of hip-hop music and culture, as well as sports, fashion, and politics. Its content often featured articles on popular hip-hop artists, models, and athletes, as well as interviews with major figures in the entertainment industry.

King was published on a monthly basis and contained several sections, including "Eye Candy," "The Goods," and "Wear Urban." The magazine's "Eye Candy" section featured provocative pictorials of popular models and actresses.

At its peak, King reached a circulation of approximately 400,000 copies per issue. However, the magazine faced controversies over the years, including criticisms over its depiction of women and accusations of fostering negative stereotypes of African Americans.

In 2008, King announced that it would be suspending publication due to financial difficulties. The magazine briefly returned to publication in 2009 before being permanently discontinued.

Despite its brief run, King remains an important part of African-American men's magazine history. The magazine's coverage of hip-hop and its depiction of African-American culture have influenced subsequent publications in the market.{{Categories}}

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