Knave was an American men's magazine that was published from 1958 to 2004. The publication is widely recognized as one of the most controversial and explicit men's magazines of its time.Image:knave-sample-cover

Knave magazine was known for its sexually explicit content and was considered by many to be a pioneering publication in the adult entertainment industry. The magazine featured nude and semi-nude photographs of women as well as articles on topics such as sex, relationships, and politics, which often contained provocative and explicit language.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Knave magazine faced numerous legal challenges from moral and religious groups that campaigned against pornography, leading to several obscenity lawsuits. The magazine's editors and publishers were often criticized for promoting immoral and obscene behavior in their publications.

Despite the controversies surrounding Knave magazine, it enjoyed a loyal readership and was distributed across the United States, with a circulation of over one million during its peak.

In 2004, the magazine's parent company, LFP Inc., announced that it was ceasing publication of Knave, citing declining sales and revenues due to the increasing popularity of digital entertainment media.

Today, Knave magazine is considered a significant contributor to the history of men's magazines and the adult entertainment industry in the United States. Although the magazine is no longer in print, its legacy endures, and it continues to be studied and analyzed by media scholars and cultural historians.{{Categories}}

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