KO Magazine

KO Magazine was an American boxing magazine, first published in 1979. The publication was founded by Bert Randolph Sugar, an American boxing writer, historian, and television commentator.Image:ko-magazine-sample-cover

KO Magazine covered all aspects of the sport of boxing. The publication featured articles on boxing history, current events, and fighter profiles. The magazine also included rankings of fighters in various weight classes, as well as expert analyses of upcoming fights, making it a go-to resource for boxing fans across the United States.

KO Magazine gained a reputation for its innovative design and high-quality editorial content. The publication was known for its distinctive style, featuring bold typography, striking photography, and unique illustrations. KO Magazine quickly became one of the most popular boxing publications in the United States, with a circulation of over 100,000 at its peak.

In addition to its print publication, KO Magazine also produced a popular radio show, "The Ring'side Boxing Show," which was hosted by Bert Randolph Sugar and broadcast across the United States.

In 1983, KO Magazine was sold to British publishing company IPC Magazines. The magazine continued to be published under IPC's ownership, but underwent a series of changes in format and design. The publication eventually ceased printing in 1997.

Today, KO Magazine is remembered as one of the most influential boxing publications of its time, providing a platform for writers, fighters, and fans alike to discuss and engage with the sport's most important issues.{{Categories}}

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