Kobold Quarterly

Kobold Quarterly, also known as KQ, is an American magazine that focuses on tabletop role-playing games (RPGs) such as Dungeons & Dragons. The magazine is published by Open Design LLC and was first printed in 2007.Image:kobold-quarterly-sample-cover

The founder of the magazine is Wolfgang Baur, a well-known RPG designer and author who has also worked on numerous D&D publications. The magazine features articles, design tips, and interviews with RPG designers, as well as game reviews and adventures for players. The publication is notable for its high-quality content and attention to detail, making it a popular source of inspiration for RPG players and designers alike.

Kobold Quarterly has won numerous awards for its contributions to the RPG community, including the 2010 Gold ENnie Award for Best Game Related Publication. The magazine has also been praised for its high-quality production values, featuring vibrant and engaging artwork, maps, and design.

In addition to its print publication, Kobold Quarterly also offers digital content and resources for RPG players and designers. The magazine has inspired numerous spin-offs and fan-produced content, and it continues to be a respected and influential publication in the RPG community.{{Categories}}

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