La Llumanera de Nova York

La Llumanera de Nova York, translated to "The New York Matchstick" in English, was a monthly anarchist magazine published in Barcelona, Spain from 1976 to 1980.Image:la-llumanera-de-nova-york-sample-cover

The magazine was known for promoting anarchism and libertarian socialism, and for covering topics such as worker's rights, feminism, and anti-fascism. It featured articles on current events, interviews with activists, and philosophical essays on the principles of anarchism.

La Llumanera de Nova York was also notable for its artistic contributions, with its pages often featuring illustrations, photographs, and poems alongside the written content.

Despite its relatively short run, La Llumanera de Nova York became an important publication for the anarchist movement, and its influence can still be seen in the Spanish anarchist community today.

In addition to its role in promoting anarchism, La Llumanera de Nova York was also a product of the cultural and counter-cultural movements that were taking place in Barcelona and other European cities during the late 1970s. The magazine was a reflection of the growing interest in alternative lifestyles, radical politics, and the idea of creating a better world through activism and community building.

Today, La Llumanera de Nova York is remembered as an important part of the history of the Spanish anarchist movement, and as an example of the power of independent media to promote alternative viewpoints and push for social change.{{Categories}}

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