Labor's Heritage

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Labor's Heritage is a magazine published quarterly by the Illinois Labor History Society. The journal provides a forum for articles, essays, and reviews related to the history of the labor movement in the United States and beyond.

The magazine was first published in 1972 and has since become an important resource for scholars, labor activists, and anyone interested in the history of the labor movement. The publication covers a wide range of topics, including the struggles of working people, the role of unions in social and political movements, and the cultural and artistic expressions of working-class life.

Labor's Heritage has published articles by renowned historians and labor activists, including Howard Zinn, Eric Foner, and Bernie Sanders. The journal has also covered a range of labor-related topics, such as the Haymarket affair, the Pullman strike, and the role of women and minorities in the labor movement.

In addition to its printed publication, Labor's Heritage also maintains an online presence, where readers can access digital versions of past issues and other resources related to labor history and activism. The magazine remains an important voice in the ongoing struggle for workers' rights and social justice in the United States and beyond.{{Categories}}

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