Lies of Our Times

Lies of Our Times (LOOT) was a monthly political magazine first published in 1990. The magazine's tagline was "The Corporate Watchdogs Who Don't Bite," and it was known for its criticism of the media and its investigative reporting.Image:lies-of-our-times-sample-cover

Founded by John Hanrahan, a former Washington Post reporter, LOOT aimed to provide an alternative perspective to mainstream media. The magazine focused on exposing political and corporate corruption, advocating for social justice, and providing analysis of current events from a left-wing perspective.

LOOT was particularly critical of U.S. foreign policy, exposing what it saw as the government's lies and propaganda. The magazine consistently spoke out against American military interventions and criticized the mainstream media for its coverage of international affairs.

Despite its limited circulation, LOOT gained a reputation for its hard-hitting journalism and fearless approach to reporting on controversial issues. Notable writers for the magazine included Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, and Alexander Cockburn.

In 2001, LOOT ceased publication due to financial difficulties and declining readership. Despite its relatively short run, the magazine left a lasting impact on alternative media and political activism, inspiring a new generation of independent journalists to challenge the status quo.

While LOOT received criticism from some for its extreme left-wing views and perceived bias, it remains a significant example of a magazine that challenged mainstream media narratives and was unafraid to speak out against power and authority.{{Categories}}

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